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The process of getting an item of jewellery custom made.

You have already completed Step 1. This is knowing you would like something made and you have found our website, congratulations!

Step two

Know what it is you would like.

Have a look at jewellery styles, shapes and other aspects that perk your interest.

Save these images and share with us.

Look at metal options, stones and general overall design.

Step three

Watch this video and listen to everything you hear as it's all very important information.

Step four

Fill in our questionnaire for a full debriefing.

Step five

You've done it! Good stuff.

Contact us as you will have most of the initial information we will need to get the process started for you.

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Glen James


Welcome to Glen James Jewellers—the place in Nelson for a gorgeous piece that’s uniquely yours. Unlike typical jewellery stores, you won’t find generic designs in our shop. We complement our unmatched expertise in tailoring rings, key chains and other items using modern technology to masterfully craft distinctive pieces personally for you.


Many items of jewellery symbolise something eternal, but it doesn’t mean they are not prone to damage from everyday wear either from continous use or occassional dress wear. Unlike the love or friendship it stands for, the physical characteristics of your jewellery can break. And when that happens, there’s only one place to go.

Glen James Jewellers is adept at jewellery repairs. Whatever the piece or the problem, our team and I will put a permanent fix to it. With our extensive background in all aspects of jewellery services, there’s no single broken piece we couldn't repair. Over 20 years experience in the business has gained us a wealth of experience and established our reputation as the industry’s crème de la crème.

The fact that a long list of jewellers, including esteemed retailers, trust us to fix or resize their client’s personal piece is a testament to what our shop brings to the table. There isn’t a single jeweller in the city who hasn’t sought our help on more than one occasion.

Our rich tradition of superior jewellery repairs promises you only superb service. We mend broken jewellery and restore the beauty taken away by the damage. Every piece we fix brings back its unmistakable splendour and radiates its magnificence to the wearer.

Visit our shop today and let’s repair your jewellery to perfection.


See what my clients have to say

Love my new ring! Thanks to Glen James Jewellers, Includes 5 rings symbolizing the Olympics.

Lisa Carrington

New Zealand Olympic Gold Medalist

We laughed when we first saw the pendants of our own faces. Never before have we been immortalised in metal! Very impressive and excellent detail. These pendants make fantastic presents for mums, dads and grandparents, they are better than any locket could ever be. Seriously, you’ll make them cry!

Jay-Jay, Mike & Dom

The Edge Morning Madhouse

Glen has been amazing to deal with, always happy, full of interesting stories and never seems to stress.

His designs are different, innovative and shows his experience within the industry and really lets his creativity shine through.

He showed me a 3D Prototype before he started to make the ring so I knew exactly what I was getting.

Later when we were in Nelson just for few hours he showed us what will be our wedding bands right in front of us on his 3D software.

Chang Hung, The Edge Radio

We have been so fortunate to choose Glen James Jewellers to design and craft beautiful and unique pieces for us. Often admired and exceptional quality, it is always an exciting and enjoyable process with the results always exceeding expectations.

Nathan & Jackie Cohen
New Zealand Olympic Gold Medalist

We were lucky enough to win our wedding on the Edge radio station. From which, we had sponsors from around the country, willing to make our day special. Working with Glen meant exactly that. He produced 2 beautiful rings, something that never leaves our fingers. Glen was great to work with, he has a good sense of humour, that makes creating your perfect ring fun! If you're after quality jewelry with that personal touch, Glen is your man!.

Richard Rawston
First Gay Wedding in New Zealand

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Our customers get to know us and we get to know them fairly well too, because let's face it, having an engagement ring, wedding ring or any other item of jewellery made or repaired is a very personal thing and means so much to each person.

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+64 3 548 4523 | 0800 GLENJAMES (4536 52637)
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